Past Events


Saturday December 3rd, Boston University Dance Theater, 7:30PM

Nozama Dance Collective presents DISSENT, an evening-length concert of live contemporary dance. The performance will include multiple world premieres, your favorite Nozama repertory works, and guest artists from the greater Boston dance community. Amplifying intersectional artistic voices across the collective, Nozama will showcase a powerful set of works surrounding the theme of Dissent, the idea of disagreeing from the majority.  From meditations on grief to the duality of femininity, to equality in the workplace, this performance takes on moving socio-political themes while also presenting visionary and rigorous dance work. The evening culminates in a new signature work by Nozama’s artistic director Dana Alsamsam that showcases the voices and movement of the full company. Join us for an evening of raw, athletic dance and poetic inquiry with intensity that will leave you feeling moved for days to come. 

Dance for World Community Day Performance and Class 

September 24th, 2022, Stage One 3PM, Sanctuary Theatre 5PM

Nozama Dance Collective performs at the annual Dance for World Community Festival bringing Happy Places, an excerpt of AUTONOMY, We talked as girls do, and hold / break to the free stage. Artistic Director Dana Alsamsam led class in the Sanctuary Theatre teaching from Nozama’s repertoire. The class was free and open to all ages and levels.

N2 – an intimate showing of new works 

July 9th, 2022, 7PM, Mass Motion in Brighton

N2 was an intimate showing of new works presented by Nozama Dance Collective. This event showcased five world premieres by directors and members of the collective, commentary by the works’ creators, as well as a screening of AUTONOMY, the dance film. Nozama pushed boundaries at this performance of new, timely, and powerful work.


December 11th, 2021

Nozama Dance Collective presented AUTONOMY, an evening-length concert of live contemporary dance including multiple world premieres. Amplifying the diverse and intersectional voices across the collective, Nozama showcased a powerful repertoire of work surrounding the theme of Autonomy. It was an evening of raw, athletic dance and poetic inquiry, that disquieted both societal expectations and ideas of what contemporary dance can be. 

N2 – an intimate showing of new works 

July 23rd, 2021

Nozama, at its core, is a COLLECTIVE. Nozama members are not just dancers, but also creators and collaborators that bring their full compassionate and innovative selves to the space. We have long given members a platform to refine and present their choreographic voices, a surprisingly rare opportunity. In that spirit, N2 celebrates the new works in progress created by directors and members of Nozama. The collective pushed boundaries at this intimate showing of new work including comments by the works’ creators.

Today She Saw
December 11-13, 2020

Virtual Performance

Presented by Nozama Dance Collective, “Today She Saw” was a virtual performance comprised of modern dance works that spoke to the vulnerable experiences, unspoken realities, and daily endurances of Nozama’s dancers in today’s America. Nozama specifically aimed to demonstrate how crucial the bond between the dancers is as they looked out for one another, supported one another, and guided one another through these realities.

This performance was heavily inspired by Kayleen Schaefer and her novel ”Text Me When You Get Home: The Evolution and Triumph of Modern Female Friendship”. Nozama was very excited to interview Kayleen Schaefer and to discuss the connections between her amazing book and our work. The interview aired on December 9th, 2020.