“Nozama Dance Collective is a Boston local dance staple, and the company always has something strong and intriguing to share.”

Kathryn Boland. “Dance that thinks globally, acts locally: NACHMO Boston 2022.” Review of The Only Way Out Is Through, by Olivia Moriarty.  Dance Informa, Tuesday, February 22, 2022.

N2: An Intimate Showing of New Works

Through that night’s program, the company showed what it means for artists to not only make it work, but thrive and evolve, in the face of real-world shifts and uncertainties.

Kathryn Boland. “Nozama Dance Collective’s ‘N2’: Nimble Pivots.” Review of N2, by Nozama Dance Collective.  Dance Informa, July 23, 2021.

An Allyship Project

“Dance companies such as Boston-based Nozama Dance Collective are creating and dancing in that outspoken tradition with work such as An Allyship Project. Streamed on YouTube, the project was in part meant to inform and inspire audience members who care but don’t quite know how to act for positive change.”

Kathryn Boland. “Nozama Dance Collective’s ‘An Allyship Project’: In a tradition of mobilizing body, heart and mind.” Review of An Allyship Project, by Azeb Freitas with Nozama Dance Collective.  Dance Informa, November 14, 2020.