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Your support allows us to create new work and grows our collaborative environment.

Nozama is not only a dance company presenting powerful work; it is also a collaborative community where artists find their voice, expression, and home. We need YOUR SUPPORT to create this important movement work and foster a collaborative environment for artists to grow. 

Your generosity goes such a long way in our small arts organization, and we rely on donor and audience support to function. If we cannot fund rehearsal and performance space, we will not be able to continue making collaborative movement that deeply impacts our audiences. I know you care about keeping the arts alive in Boston despite significant challenges, which is why we are asking for your participation today. 

Your gift of just $25 supports an hour of rehearsal. At $150, you’re supporting our work for two full weeks! Can we count on you to support 1, 2, maybe 3 hours of rehearsal space for Nozama?

A Note of Thanks from Our Director

I’m both humbled and thrilled to write to you all in thanks as the Artistic Director of Nozama Dance Collective. I’ve received the warmest welcomes and emphatic feedback on my work with the company since I began directing it in 2021, during a very turbulent time. I wish to thank the community that rallied closely around me to support my work: the donors, the company members, the founding directors, my family and close friends, the audience members, and of course, the wider dance and arts communities in Greater Boston. 

I am moved by what we can do when we come together around the arts. And it is thanks to the outpouring of support and generosity that we can continue to do this important work. I will not sugar coat this and say that it is easy. Any dance organization you speak to in our area will lament the difficulty of securing affordable space that their dancers can actually access, the wonderful but very few granting entities, and let’s not begin to discuss the resources necessary to produce a very basic show in a venue with lighting and sound. Because resources are limited, the artistic process can sometimes begin to feel like a race to the end, a capitalist assessment of how efficiently our resources can be used to produce performable content. The more resources we have available to us, the higher quality of art we can create, and the wider reach we can have to impact the people that need it the most. 

After our recent performance, a little girl made a connection: if people don’t want the government to tell them they have to wear a mask, why are they OK with the government telling women what to do with their body when it comes to abortion? Our dance work moves people and changes them; I want to say again, we are gathered as a collective through our love of dance, but this is so much more than a dance company. 

Although we are a small collective, I am aware of the responsibility that comes with its leadership. Nozama has long engaged with complicated societal issues like the women’s experience throughout the Trump administration, and since becoming a leader, we have expanded our mission to include exploration of intersectional identities across race and gender through powerful movement and dance. I’m thrilled that our collaborative work under my direction, Autonomy, has garnered the attention and support of communities further and wider than we have ever reached before. 

I’m grateful to every single person who has rallied around the arts in some way, every single person who has reached out a hand during a time of need and offered what they can to help continue this work. Whether a donor, an audience member, a mentor, a volunteer, or my husband who sets up and strikes our stages… gratitude is what I am left with. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for supporting dance and the arts in Boston, for supporting a different model of what a dance company can look like, and for allowing me to be the absolute luckiest leader of the greatest community. 

Dana Alsamsam

Artistic Director